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Entergy Nuclear has the experience, the expertise and the economy of scale to help our business partners reach their full potential.

Who can benefit from Entergy's nuclear management services?

Under-performing plants: Units where performance must be turned around - and quickly - if they are to remain viable in a competitive electricity market.

Average performers: Units with performance that is not noticeably low, but not particularly high either. These plants will have to improve to keep up with the pace the better nuclear plants are setting.

Single-unit stations: Even good performers can become non-competitive in today's environment as stand-alone units. If you look at the operating, cost and safety performance of the best single units today, it appears that single-unit stations face particular challenges. It's unlikely these plants can address issues rapidly or achieve additional economies and efficiencies alone.

The answer: Entergy Nuclear. We offer a full range of services ranging from regulatory interfacing to total operations, from decommissioning to license renewal services.