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We should plan for our energy fu

Nuclear Clean Air Energy

We should plan for our energy future now so we are not caught unprepared. That means educating new generations of nuclear workers today. As our economy and population grow, clean and reliable sources of electricity like nuclear energy will be needed. Our energy success starts with successful education efforts.


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Science, math and engineering education is more important than ever and getting nuclear science introduced into science curriculums nationwide is a doable objective. With it, we must grow awareness and understanding of the applications of nuclear science and technology.

Women Impacting Public Policy is leading the charge to educate women entrepreneurs on energy and environmental issues.

E3 brings an extensive curriculum focused on energy sources, sustainability, governmental policy and innovation opportunities as they relate to women business owners.
National Nuclear Science Week is celebrated in January annually recognizing the importance and breadth of the nuclear sciences. It’s easy to get involved and download free tips and tools. And, it’s time to celebrate nuclear science!
The National Museum for Nuclear Science and History, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the nation’s only congressionally chartered museum in its field and an intriguing place to learn the story of the Atomic Age, from early research of nuclear development through today’s peaceful uses of nuclear technology. The Museum is a Smithsonian Affiliate member.

Power Path

Fueling interest in nuclear science and clean electricity through innovative learning materials provided to public schoolchildren is happening with Power Path to Nuclear Energy, a nuclear science curriculum
Power Path to Nuclear Energy is being implemented through a unique partnership between Energy Solutions Foundation and Entergy and is part a commitment to support public education and workforce development. Mississippi was the first state to adopt the materials that are given free of charge to public schools.

“Mississippi has long been a leader in the nuclear power industry,” said Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour in a media announcement of the Power Path program, “so it is fitting that Mississippi should also lead the way in educating students about nuclear science.”

Connecting to teachers through Power Path, means that teachers get entertaining lessons in nuclear science using workbook games and puzzles and online resources. Teacher support is extended with training opportunities and enhancement of lesson plans through guest teaching and other employee volunteer opportunities. By creating an early interest in nuclear science, Entergy and the Nuclear Clean Air Energy coalition of partners hope to steer students toward career choices related to nuclear energy production.

“The intent of this information is to help teach students how to apply academic knowledge in a career.
- Pearl Wright, Energy Solutions Foundation

Being provided to classrooms at NO COST is one of the most beneficial components of the Power Path program for teachers, students and schools. In these days when teachers and schools are stretched thin on resources, Power Path is a high-quality curriculum that is available at no charge.

Materials are made available through our partnership with EnergySolutions Foundation, a partner of the Nuclear Clean Air Energy initiative and a national organization whose goals are aimed squarely at improving math and science test scores.

Where? And where can I get Power Path?
The program has been introduced in Louisiana and Michigan with plans underway for a launch in New York and Arkansas. We encourage other utilities and organizations to share Power Path in their communities, too. Contact Entergy’s national coordinator for Power Path at: abecker@entergy.com; 601-368-5014.

Getting Feedback
“I got up at 3 a.m. and drove 200 miles to be here for the Power Path workshop. It’s been well worth my time. Heck, I’d even drive 1000 miles for this presentation. Thank you.”
– Teacher participating in Michigan launch workshop

“The Office of Curriculum and Instruction of the Mississippi Department of Education supports and highly recommends this very useful resource to Mississippi teachers.”
– Mary Wroten, curriculum coordinator

“We intend to identify a teacher who will implement Power Path in all our science classrooms in Claiborne County.”
–Dr. Annie Kilcrease, district superintendent of education

“I reviewed and shared [Power Path] with my principal. She was very excited about the material and was anxious to make it available to our science department. I know it will serve as an invaluable tool to help them provide useful, relevant information to our students.”
– Dorothy Anthony, counselor, Wilkinson County High School